God wants us to be Famous!?

As you my know, from my early musings in my previous blog http://jamesballantyneyouthworker.blogspot.co.uk/ i am in the process of moving house, moving job and virtually whole life, from Perth, Scotland to Ottery St Mary Devon.

One of the things that we as a family thought about doing, inspired by @MarySGraves was to write down all the things that needed to happen in the process of the move, write them on slips of paper, and then as Family to pray about them, and as these things progress or get answered, or done, then tear up the slips in a moment of celebration. So without boring you with these lists we have done just this, at least once or twice a week since the beginning of June.

On Sunday, i thought we should read the Call of Abraham in Genesis 12 and use this to relate our story of being obedient and facing a long journey. We thought it interesting that God didnt call Abraham to give up his wealth, his cattle and i guess all the trimmings that go along with a farming lifestyle, neither his family and probably slaves who were part of his estate. Yet he did not know his destination, we in this case do, yet we dont know how we will react to the new situations in the future, such as jobs, schools, friends, church community, and the rest, and neither did Abraham, he was just obedient.

After we thought about these things, i suggested that we think about the promises that God gave to Abraham, and that God in his divine mercy will also give to us, i was thinking God being with us, the divine prescence etc, however, and no doubt influenced by X factor type shows, one member of our Family said ” God wants us to be Famous?!” (Gen 12v2 NLT)  , and so does God want us to be famous, or our name Great as another translation will have more reticently put.

Does the Story of Abraham reveal that God is happy that we maintain a level of comfort even during a period of obedience? or that being obedient may lead to reward? how is this balanced by the Obedience of Abraham in almost sacrificing his own son later in the narrative?  what are the costs involved in obedience?


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