I think my wife noticed the itchiness of my feet over the weekend, it had been all of 2 weeks since my last detached youthwork sessions with Sidewalk ( two epic final sessions i might add) what seems a long time ago in the middle of August. It was about 7.30pm on Saturday night, we’d been out all day ( to the beach where else!) and i had already taken Ruby the dog out for a long walk, so i wasnt suffering cabin fever by any stretch… yet on Saturday evening i wanted to be out and about getting a feel for the evening atmosphere in our new town.

So for some reason, i had to go to sainsburys, for any reason, just to walk into town, its not even as though my new job had started, it hadnt, it started on Monday. And yet the itchiness of the feet drove me to want to be out in the vicinity of the town, the evening activities of young people and get a feel for whats going on.

Maybe i wasnt used to being in on a Saturday (without packing a house.. the week before)  or that id rather be anywhere than home when X factor was on, yet what was more likely that the habits of 4 1/2 years are difficult to get out of the system.. even when the surroundings are all so very different.

Maybe theres something to be said about being anonymous in a new town, and being able to wander to sainsburys or the take aways without the need for a reaction from other people around, for at that time no one is consciously ignoring me, or accepting me, as they dont know me..yet.. so i can blend in, or observe, or reflect on the activities in the surroundings around me.

So what happens now… well until theres a team of youthwork volunteers, there’ll be little detached youthwork, yet will i walk the dog, or go to sainsburys during the evenings, or eat lunch in the park during the day, well, once a detached youthworker, always a detached youthworker i guess, oh and loving the outside in the end of summer devon sunshine helps, but so is being present and visible…