Starting all over again; Observation and Cold Contact

So nearly three months have taken place since i started this role here in Ottery St Mary, and apologies for not writing sooner, yet despite my early promise, i have found it difficult to write about whats been going on, not sure why, but at the end of a particularly good few weeks, i wanted to write a few thoughts.

I am in the middle of writing some thoughts about the beginning stages of detached youthwork, the Observation and Cold Contact stages, of surveying the settings, assessing whats going on and then to engage with young people in those moments. I have taken myself back to the same time in Perth, almost exactly 5 years ago, when i started on Sidewalk in Dec 2007. I remember those cold December nights, bitterly cold in fact, wondering aroundPerth, the buzz of the groups that hung around and also the first group of young people that we engaged with, none of whom we knew.. To think that as a project, back then there was just a few of us, some money in the account, some research and a management group, and it achieved so much. With the exception of a designated charity here, theres not much different, in that regard.

Its funny to think about doing all that all over again, and yet next week, with our first volunteer i am about to here in Ottery, and its really exiting, to begin the journey, of not only encountering young people in the community in this way but also educating volunteers to see the endless possibilities of being significant in a positive way in the lives of young people, of being missional in action and church in being.


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