Engage: Youth Ministry North East

Engage Youth Ministry is a foundation course (Level 3) in Youth work and ministry which can be undertaken over a period of a year – and can be extended to do a further 2 units to complete a diploma.

If you are currently volunteering in a local church, or youthwork project – doing at least 15 hours of youthwork a week – and would like to tread the water and complete a relatively evidence based academic course which will help you in your current youth work, and hopefully continue your passion in working with young people, then Engage Youth Ministry could be the course for you.

James would be looking to run the course from January 2015, in the North East ( north or south of the Tees or Tyne – or both if there’s interest) with up to 8 applicants. It would cost £650 per learner, for the entire course, this includes online resources, accreditation and learning guide from CYM, as well as all the lecturing costs etc etc

Hopefully if you have thought about learning about Christian youthwork, but don’t want to travel, or do a complete distance learning course – then this could be something you might be interested in. At the moment I am just gauging interest – so if you know of someone locally in your church please let them know and get in touch with me – at Jamesballantyne1978@yahoo.co.uk

For more details of the topics and subjects covered in the course – as well as CYM who have developed it please see here ;




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