Poetic reflections from the streets

Last night one of the detached volunteers, after a session where we spend a good length of time in one space, with a couple of groups penned this as her reflection:

We walk into your space:
see if you’ll have us,
greet us, meet us,
as you are and as we are.
No swearing for eight year olds
OK for twelve year olds
I hate/ love/ (don’t) believe in God
we’re told, we all hold
onto words and dance moves
and pieces of laughter and
everything moves faster with your splits
and flips and swing dancing,
blue tongues, japenese phone makes
(I have problems with pronouncing things)
and conversations slipping into honesty
and love being offered
without some tick-box policy,
probably forgot all my theology
when I told you I’m out here
because I want to love you all
but that’s where it all started from,
just some longer words say less
than the non-thought out sentence
you spread out from me
-doesn’t have to be-
but here we speak naturally,
you are you, I am me

– with wind raging through us
and rain around our faces,
the rainbow in the sky, I said,
reminds me of God’s promises.
You remembered Noah’s ark, but for you
the rainbow is God’s smile,
an unhappy happy smile we laughed,
whilst wondering at the simplicity
of a child’s 7-coloured-arch,
actually a million colours live up there,
more than we can count, we need a child’s perceptivity
to appreciate the complex simplicity,
to identify the individual shades
like Durham indigo and Top estate grace green.

You, gracefully, welcomed us
into your space,
share your stories, share in faith,
we whisper, watch and run and wait and pray,
a privilege to share some of your day.

Written late after a detached session by Claire Ewbank. You can see more of Claires artist work on her website http://claireewbank.wix.com/create

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