County Wide Ecumenicalism in Youth work

Given the assertion by Martin Saunders in this piece regarding the collapse of Kids Company, and the need for the church to occupy the spaces. (you can read it here)

And the oft said, and reasoned argument that working with young people does not necessarily mean that they come to a church, but at the same time resources in the local church seem to be very stretched, especially in rural areas.

This pioneers the way to think about financing the gap in working with young people from an ecumenical perspective, and i wonder – are there examples in the UK of the following?

a) a county wide partnership between 3 or more denominations which all actively fund, manage and resource youthwork?

b) Areas that have a collaborative intention for area workers ( ie DYO/ Methodist/ Baptist youth specialist etc)

c) A deliberate pooling of regional / interdenominational resource to enable town specific community youthwork to happen in the UK?

im not just talking about 4-5 churches in one town forming a partnership for a local worker, or a centre like a YFC/SU type centre, but where its a national/regional denominational resource thats in partnership across a county to fund/resource quality community/youthwork?

Where local churches are funding local centres this might only last a short while – unless workers are expected to generate their own funds/work voluntarily or seek grant funding. So if a solution is in unity/partnership/ecumenicalism, cant this start with regional youthwork focus?

What walls would need to be thinned to enable this to happen, for the sake of young people in communities, for community flourishing for faith to be explored in more areas?

Maybe its not pioneering for local projects to start, be developed so small that they start with church money, then need grant money- then both run out – but would it be pioneering for wall breaking, shared ecumenical resources to be put into and maintained for a region, so that good youthwork, emerging community, and faith is embedded across areas, and across denominations.

However, in my limited knowledge, or ignornace of this already happening, Please send me some good examples below.. thank you

would better ecumenical thinking and collegiate resourcing enable better youthwork on the ground?



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