10 Misconceptions about detached youthwork

Just for fun on a friday,  heres a few that come up on a regular basis:

  1. That we physically remove young people from the streets
  2. That we’re like the Street Pastors
  3. That we get sworn at by young people (its far less than teachers do)
  4. That its busier in the summer
  5. That we’re mavericks – only sometimes
  6. That we only see homeless young people
  7. That we have to tell young people about an activity going on somewhere else
  8. That its necessarily any more difficult than club work
  9. That the relationships we build with young people arent as real
  10. That its a only something to get experience in but not do for a long time.

Theres probably a few more out there, i some of these often,

Please add your own…..



  1. Loving your recent posts, mate. Here are a few more for your list;

    1. That detached youth work is secondary to centre based work and it is more important to deploy people to keep the youth centre open than it is to keep detached work going.

    2. Detached youth work is just ‘play work’ for teenagers!

    3. Detached youth work is a method of management for anti-social behaviour.

    4. Detached work can be delivered by parachuting in to an area for a short intense period of time before being redeployed elsewhere depending on where the anti-social behaviour is occurring.


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