10 moments when you know you’re a detached youthworker

These are just a few of the moments over the last 10 years that have enabled me to realise that i am a detached youthworker, quite aside from the fact that at least two people before id ever done it once knew that i would be, these are possibly some of the reasons that i feel that the space on the streets is a place of life for me as a youthworker.

  1. Club based youthwork seems boring in comparison. Its not boring for the young person, but it takes a bit of deliberate attempting for it to feel alive.
  2. Not being scared of dark nights, dark streets, the evenings or being out and about anywhere.
  3. Hoping that a group of young people are going to walk around the corner, just to be able to meet them.
  4. Wishing that when i walk my dog, im wearing my ID so i could speak to young people in a different town or park.
  5. Talking about it and writing blogs about it endlessly.
  6. Finding every which way possible to say that a night on detached has been successful.
  7. Hopefully being able to train other people in detached youthwork passionately.
  8. Assuming that this is the best place to start any decent youthwork, or church or community project. After all it is pure youthwork….
  9. Trying to work out that every situation that Jesus met people in the outside could be deemed a detached moment of conversation, not to mention Emmaus or Gaza road in Acts.
  10. Have a deep desire to be doing detached more than just once a week, (this is only precluded by extensive management hours)

I am sure, if you are a detached youth worker you might be able to add to these or understand what i mean when i say them, once the bug of it has bitten it doesn’t seem to be cured.  Seeing the world of young people at their chosen time in their space is an honour and privaledge, and to have moments to have conversations of meaning, and help to reflect a new reality with them is incredible, a place to be in natural spaces and start respectful conversations.



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