The following piece of Art really caught my attention at Lumiere Durham on Sunday night;

To me it caused me to reflect on identity, change, masks and the complexity of Humanity.

After a week of learning and dialogue in one profession (youth work) across faiths, denominations, beliefs and positions within specific faiths contrasted with this weekends events in Paris and other cities, have caused me to consider inter faith dialogue with a profession to be a culturally and politically counter cultural and subversive, but also a starting point for a common dialogue and changed landscape across the UK.

First we need to lose masks and be real. not just change between them, however colourful they are.

In a weekend when humanity hasn’t fared too well as a species, art has shown itself, in the light art of Lumiere and the art of critical youthwork to embody beauty and life. Lets do beauty together, Lets dream together. Lets imagine a better place and make that path by walking there.