Spending £31 Billion. On Trident or 1 million youth workers?

Is the conservatively estimated cost of Trident – with a contingency of £10 Billion. Which is likely to go over budget- like every government costed scheme, such as HS2 (waste of money).

Is £31 Billion the price of safety? Safety from what or whom?  As it isnt going to have any effect in the current enemy of the western unity – that of the Daaesh (IS). And, as the anti-IS countries unite – would they turn on each other with nuclear bombs ever again?

So- if £31 Billion + £10 Billion is the price of safety – what is the UK losing out on in the pursuit of Camerons so called insurance policy. What else could it be spent on?

  1. would £41 Billion do wonders in the NHS – I would think so –
  2. Not to mention teachers & schools
  3. at £30,000 wages it would employ 1 million youthworkers for a year – with the right training, thus enabling many young people to develop better understanding of themselves in the world, support, inclusion and long term economic prospects (even if as youth workers we’d hate to say it)
  4. Probably keep open a vast number of youth centres & libraries
  5. Build better cycle lanes and sports facilities for young people
  6. This list could go on.

Its just so lovely that during the #benefitscuts debates we heard about how these were needed to balance the books in the times of the deficit. This is not the same rhetoric about Trident and spending this kind of money. Maybe i haven’t made that good a case for the national benefits of resourcing work with young people, however i’m not sure there’s much of a case for spending it on trident either.

Something is seriously wrong.


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