Into 2016: New Years resolutions for the Youthworker

Here’s a quick top 15 new years resolutions for a youth worker, maybe some of them ill need to do, especially number 10.

  1. All that coffee you drink- buy it fair trade, and if not fair trade from an independent shop or cafe
  2. Give young people more opportunities to make decisions for your club, organisation, church
  3. Resist the temptation to follow every conference on twitter, or tweet incessantly whilst being there.
  4. Restrict using theological or theoretical phrases as catch all terms that no one else knows, or dilute their meaning ( im thinking ‘Missio dei’. ‘Incarnational’, ‘person-centred’, Frieran’ ) even worse if you dont know what they actually mean, or haven’t read up on them since college.
  5. Take time to rest, especially during the summer.
  6. Read some books, yes even some youthwork or theology or sociology or psychology just for fun, itll help your practice and keep you sharp.
  7.  Find someone to have critical conversations with about your work and practice.
  8. Be yourself more often.
  9. Try something new, be brave, take risks and start making new paths to walk along
  10. Tidy your desk, tidy your office. (this one is definitely for me)
  11. Make sure you take a day off per week.
  12. Young people are not yours, they are their own, or ‘the’ young people.
  13. Realise its a marathon and not a sprint
  14. Treasure every moment and conversation you have with young people and find ways that make conversations happen, happen easily and happen on their terms.
  15. Take time to invest in the profession to encourage others, write articles, share stories, make resources. Find avenues to pipe up about the good youth work you are doing.

I am sure you can add your own. I am sure there would be resolutions for the youthwork managers out there also, or the government in regard to how it treats and invests in young people and youthwork. That might be for a different day though.

Happy New Year !


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