Bleary eyed promises


Its 2pm New years day 2016, and im out walking the dog, well sitting by a lake in the summerhill park in Hartlepool,  trying to write and also feeling a bit bleary eyed and sleep deprived.  Its grey and cold. Thinking about hope and promises for the new year and also thinking that bleary eyed promises might not be the most fruitful or successful.  Though how often are bleary eyed tired, end of long festival week, are promises and covenants made, for friendships or faith?
Is today the best day to set promises or resolutions? Probably not (research suggests February is a good time to start diets for example)
A few years ago I challenged someone to put a quote on facebook from a book for every day of the year. Which he duly obliged. It was a challenge set in early December and carried forward.  I wonder whether I would have the discipline to do this, or on a bleary eyed new years day whether this or some other challenge would be a task too far to promise. So maybe ill not make any promises today, ive already thought of trying to write more blogs, stories and expand the reading on this blog. To develop the training and lecturing work, to cycle more miles than last year (1,200), to appreciate more beauty in people, in art and film, to be inspired by the early church fathers, the philosophers and current practitioners and to listen to the voice of God in the margins,  borders and streets,  leading and guiding. Bleary eyed promises or rugged determination? Possibly both… 2016… here goes.


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