Learning from the Lucozade

Yesterday my hands turned a funny shade of Orange.

I emptied 48 cans of Lucozade original, that had gone out of date down the sink.

Here they are: 2016-01-04 16.08.21

Theyre now a reminder to me of over ambitious attempts of fundraising.

Just like all the other bits of junk in the office, over purchased youthwork items that’ll never get used again. every youthwork centre has them. This year latest resource (a slight adaption of last years- Now with video/CD/DVD/Blue-ray/weblink/secondlife character/twitter hashtag)

Shall we buy them at cost price cheap asks my administrator 18 months ago, thinking that lots of people would want to take part in a fundraiser in which we’d give them away for free. Yes is my reply. we got rid of 9- we ordered about 60.

18 months later, they’ve still hung around the office at the bottom of a box, sell by date Aug 14. Yesterday they cleaned the drains of Durham with their sickly orange sweetness.

The Lucozade cans represent something about over ambition, about not knowing the target fundraising audience, or capability, they represent something to me about naive decision making. Or a moment of blind faith. Either way they’re gone now. Dead to the sewers never to return.

Yesterday I took my own advice and started to tidy the office at Durham YFC. For the first real time. Up to now its felt like someone elses office that I inherited. And inherited alot of paperwork, history, resources, approaches and methods. Yesterday i resolved to make some decisions about tidying up boxes, paperwork, the flotsam and jetsom. It felt somewhat cathartic, and therapeutic. Its not that I havent waited 19 months to make some kind of decisions about office environment, i even shuffled a few things around on the noticeboard.

Shame i couldnt blame the lucozade on anyone else apart from myself though, put that one down to a misjudgement that reduced what we raised on a fundraiser by £12.


Fundraising, must be more of an art than a science. Misjudgements can happen in Management, especially when There’s so many decisions to make, and not always enough information to hand to make the right ones.

My hands have recovered, Ive done two lots of washing up since.

Not sure the drains will though.


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  1. I sympathise. I looked in my cupboards at work today and my heart sank! Sadly I can’t blame a predecessor but only eight and a half years of my own hoarding…

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