Belbins roles in the Youthwork team meeting

Plant, Shaper, Completer finisher, you’ve heard them a 100 times before, but if you havent, Belbin, gathered evidence from a range of teams in businesses and identified 7 key roles (not necessarily performed by 1 person) to make a team work and be effective.

Here they are, just for your information:

So for a little fun on a friday,  instead of thinking about these ones from Belbin, i wonder what genuinely and slightly humorously makes up the roles in the weekly youth worker team meeting?

  1. The Coffee maker.  Essential. Key to a good start, also helps to delay the start of the meeting whilst, making the coffee.
  2. Cake or Biscuit provider- this is the person who usually has very little to say during the meeting, but gets away with being there, because they brought the biscuits. They’re often more heralded than the coffee maker, but actually are less essential.
  3. Person mostly on their phone.  No words. There’s just usually one.
  4. Excited contributor. Gives it all, no holds barred, new ideas, recommendations, questions. To much, far too much.
  5. Critical friend (by some known as Cynic/Grumpy old man) Person who analyses the ideas from ‘excited contributor’ against previous experience/ theological reflection/jeffs & smith and usually recommends that ‘we ask young people first’ – regardless of the situation.
  6. Retreat advocator;  famous for saying things like ‘Cant decide till we pray’/ ‘have day away to strategise’.  You know the one, the person that at the end of the meeting, when all has been decided between you all, suggests that ‘we cant do any of this without praying about it’ or ‘ maybe we should have a day away to help move things forward’   you know the types.
  7. The policy protector – Thats the person who adjudges everything against the policy for it, saying things like ” we cant do it that way because of the policy, or Health and safety” this person is scarcely found in faith based youthwork, in fact i wouldn’t know what one looks like. But they do exist. somewhere.
  8. The funding opportunist – this is the person, similar to the excited contributor who has lots of suggestions, but this persons suggestions are related to funding opportunities that they know of. So all of their ideas carry with them the closing sentence “we could get funding for it”, or “comic relief will give us money if we do it this way”
  9. The quiet observer. As invisible in the meeting as the Biscuit provider, unless people deliberately ask them to be involved. They usually have better ideas than the biscuit provider. ideas Often relate to the wellbeing of young people, their families.
  10. The ideas from conference person. Best thing to do, is get Critical friend to sound them out before the meeting. tip – never send the excited contributor to conferences…. 🙂
  11. The facilitator/boss/manager – the one with the grey hair trying to keep this little lot from killing each other. Not enjoying this, but saying that it important, and planning a holiday/conference call/ funding bid/lunch appointment whilst all is breaking loose in front.

This might feel a luxury if you’re on your own in a situation, and you might then have to play all these roles in your day to day existence, or when you meet up with clergy for weekly meetings.

However, does anyone have any extras they’d like to add?





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