While the media follow the tories split over europe- the following is ignored;

In case anyone hasnt noticed, we have 4 months of infighting within the conservative party, and maybe even in other parties over the EU referendum on June 23. We also have the same amount of time of wearying too-ing and fro-ing of the rhetoric, the opinion polls and consequences. But whilst the media and the 24hour TV media is wholly consumed by this, some headline worthy stories will be forgotten about during this battle for power.

  1. 1,000’s of people in the UK will be in need of Foodbanks
  2. The numbers of homeless young people will increase in our cities
  3. Young people in the UK will have increasing mental health issues with cuts to funding for services for them (an increase recently was after already enacted cuts)
  4. Young people will be victims of sexual and racial abuse, with no youth services in many areas to receive the call of help.
  5. Town/County Councils in the UK, such as Darlington and Durham may drastic reductions to be made in youth & other services due to budget cuts.

Whose voices, and whose situation is the most newsworthy?  What if the nation was more interested in how people are suffering in every local community across the nation. Power and division within the conservative party is making news, but whilst this all goes on, the effect of the ideology of the conservative party is a cause of suffering in this land and nation.



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