Future proofing church; Have Church your own way

Picture the scene… its 10.40 on a Sunday morning, and theres the usual 25 minute drive to get to church for the start time of the 11.05 11.00, the sound of silence in the car as a member of the family tidies up the make up, and the others probably play with their phones on the back seat. Not to different to normal? but no, this church is different, because Local church has become MyChurch.com. Church for you, and only you – where you’re in control!

Before you walk through the door, you can pre programme using ‘Churchapp’ on your phone or device, what you want for todays church experience, just for you. Not even just for your family, but just for you, Dad, Mum, teenager or other, never again do you have to listen to parts of the service done for others, that arent you. Even if the non drivers are planning their church experience in the car on their phone, itll all be ready for them. (late comers can programme in the car park, as long as they give 5 minutes notice) So, youve already been able to pre programme the following:

  1. Which (if any) of the ‘welcome team’ is going to welcome you
  2. whether this is accompanied by handshake, solemn vow, kiss or hug
  3. If you want a notice sheet or not
  4. Where you’re going to sit, in the specially designed hermetically, sound proof sealed, glass pods situated in rows in the building. (theres no pews, just rows of glass pods, with glass doors) In the transparent box, you can see everyone else, and like you , they can all design their own experience of church. Such as:
  5. How many and which songs will be instrumentally piped through the headphones, to be sung along to
  6. Childrens talk option, nice video clip option, readings or sung poetry – all included or excluded as wished.
  7. Which of the elders/clergy are going to preach on
  8. What they are going to preach on
  9. At what level (tabloid (usual setting), Broadsheet, academic, Professor or up to the max ‘Barth’ grade) theyll preach.
  10. From what perspective (Hell-fire, Charismatic, mission-minded, liberal)
  11. Level of content ( ie choose from 0-100 Greek/hebrew/latin mentions, or 0-100 quotes from the Early church fathers)
  12. Cultural reference content (ie choose from 0-20, U2 lyric references, Lord of the rings references, or what happened in East enders this week mentions)
  13. obviously the length of time of the sermon too – all to be delivered through the speakers into your own glass pod.

Finally, and you can decide before hand what the final song will be, and the type of benediction, so, choose from ‘the grace’ (options for ‘eyes closed’ or ‘stare but not eye contact with others’ setting) or Jude or that section in Ephesians. Or some U2 lyric.

Now that youve chosen all of this, prepared before you arrived on ‘church app’ – the service you wish for can take place. Just for you. And equally just for everyone. There can be special childrens settings for their experience, or translated versions in different languages (which in all seriousness might be a great idea).

When you leave your sound proof box, youll make your way to the back of the church where a variety of refreshments are served, again should you wish to you could make a selection. This will be the first time you have spoken to anyone else in the church since you walked in and sat in your own enclosed box. And you can share the delights of the service that was perfect for you, and also perfect for the person you’re speaking with. And everyone goes home happy.

‘Have Church your own way’ is what we’ll call it, Church thats not interactive, but one thats just right for you, as you like it.

Might this be the answer to future proofing church?





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