Celebrating the women on my youthwork bookshelf

Kerry Young, Annette Cockburn, Sarah Banks, Faith Tucker, Sue Cooper, Pat Fuller, Pauline Grace, Sue Lea, Kate Sapin, Emily Wood, Becca Dean, Lorimer Passmore, Johanna Wyn, Jean Rhodes, Gina Mcleod, Gill Patton, Carole Pugh, Maxine Green, Heather Smith, Gill Millar, Naomi Thompson.

All appear on the side of my bookshelf that is designated ‘Youth work’ or a discipline within Youth work. Its a big comparison to my theology shelf which has just one, Helen Camerons work on Practical Theology.

Yesterday was International Womens day, so i may be a day late on this one, but as I was reading late last night in my study and checked my bookshelf, i realised quite not just how imbalanced it was, but more pertinently quite how inspiring the female writers in Youth work (not such a quantity in youth ministry i might add) are and continue to be. And these are just the women who’ve got publications i have, not the heroes of the practice such as Joan Tash, of Ellen Raymon, of Maude Stanley and countless others.

No one is paid huge sums for book writing ( except JK Rowling), especially in the fields of youthwork, and so its with a deep gratitude that the ideas, theories, illustrations and practice has been put to print so that it can inspire many others, and hopefully girls in youth clubs and groups across the UK to do the same and push to have their ideas heard, shared and captured.






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