The Silent King

All four Gospels record it. All four tell the story. All Tell of the plans that Jesus gave the disciples. Go find the colt, tied to a donkey, keep them both together. Bring them to me.

They took him the donkey and the colt.

Then he rode the untamed, untrodden colt, with the donkey in to the city, through the open gates.

The people adultated him. The King had come.

Was he silently mocking them – the expectant king had come, but in the equivalent of the three wheeler, and the offspring of the three wheeler at that.

Yet still they adulated him.

The Adorned the road the colt walked.

They shouted.

Yet he- who spoke so many things remained silent.

Silent in Matthews account

Silent in Marks

Silent in Johns

The King who is silent before the watching and praising crowd, not like the King who waves, and acknowledges. The King who is silent.

Only responding the Pharisees in Luke – who question the right of the crowd to adorn him in such as way – thus not accepting out loud the premise of their cry, that he is actually the King.

Yet as he walked on the King cries for Jerusalem (Luke 20;41).

Just imagine, the King who cries.

The Silent King who cries.

What Kind of King?

What kind of Church is this King calling us to be?

Silent in the face of praise? Subversive in the face of the City & Powers?

Prophetically enacting the parables? Practical and compassionate to those whom it serves and who it needs?

This was dramatic, everything spoke, but Jesus said nothing. Our drama in redemption maybe to do the same. If we replay the same story and not its essence, what kind of performance is it?

In a world hurting, maybe silence might be a better stance than words, and the tons of words that this world wants us to generate.

The Silent King who spoke.



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