Embracing Judas at the table

Can we really cope that Judas was at that table? Its probably the part we erase out of the story the most, going instead to think about Pauline Eucharist instruction, rather than the fact that Judas was there.

I mean, what does that say about inclusion, about hope, about friendship – Judas was there, as a friend. not only that, Judas, receives direct communication, a starring role in the moment, he’s thrust into being part of the action.

We have no record of Jesus’ chats to any of the other disciples – just Judas, and then those that argued (Luke 22:25-27)

Maybe those were the most memorable. Maybe the fact that this rabble of discipled misfit were included in this final act of sociable togetherness says something about the messiness of the friendships that Jesus still tolerates.

records Luke:

“But here at this table, sitting among us as a friend, is one who will betray me” (Luke 22)

and betray him soon.

What is the Easter message? The Easter message is that even Judas gets an opportunity to receive generosity and hospitality. Even Judas isnt condemned- but warned. Even Judas is considered a friend.

This is the meal that is remembered and celebrated all around the world but is it ever made as inclusive as Jesus did the first time.

If Judas can be there, can anyone be excluded? A list of peoples crimes or sins only displays my judgements, Jesus’s gospel gives Judas place and space at the table.

If the church is to perform the theatre of Jesus’ gospel and the theatre of Jesus gospel at Easter included Judas, how might that be the ultimate lens for accepting, loving and peacemaking in the Gods world.




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