No waiting on that first Saturday

The waiting is nearly over, for the lent sacrificers, if youve gaven up chocolate, booze or crisps, then your wait is nearly over. 
Tomorrow will arrive at the end of tonight and the wait is nearly over.

The wait wasnt so time-defined on the day after that friday the first time.

It wasnt Easter on that saturday because on that first Easter, nothing had yet happened. No one had rose, no one expected anything. The wait wasnt nearly over, because there was nothing to await for.
Meet me in galilee said Jesus. But why or when or what for, now that he’s dead-why bother.  Lets just gather and be together. But no wait, for waiting hopes and hope died yesterday.
Tomorrow might be just another day. But what might we do, where do we go, the passovers ended.
Maybe we just go back.
Go back home.
The adventure is over.
Follow the road back.
Back to families, fishing and former lives. 
Remarkable journey.
Though The show is now over.
No waiting, waiting for nothing.
Nothing to wait for.

When hope has gone. There is no dream, no promise, no waiting.  The disciples were dreamless and began to head back,  Mentally back to the start, before hope transformed them.

So as you wait for the countdown to chocolate or crisps or whatever you gave up. Remember that you’re privaledged to wait and hope and dream, unlike those 11 disciples, and the women and others, whose hope was dashed and that tomorrow  promised fear and little to wait for.


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