Its not prayer this government needs – its forgiveness

They say that one of the worst things about watching a footballer who’s struggling is that the crowd start to pity them, its demoralising for the player. its as if they’ve gone beyond help, hope and deserving to be cheered on. Often they leave the club.

With the recent allegations of Tax Havens, and the right vitriol that accompanies this that there should be that people linked to the Conservative party, and the leader David Cameron.

This follows the third budget in a row u-turn by George Osborne – but importantly this was on an attempt to cut benefits to disabled people – which was originally recommended.

Then theres the policy that all Schools to become academies, by all accounts based on dodgy evidence and only examples of schools in London that have actually made it work.

And then there is ongoing policy that is causing the victrionic, militant profession of Junior Doctors to be on strike, angered by the Health Secretary’s policy on weekend working- again based on weak evidence.

Then there’s the 100’s of £millions cut in local authority spending which has seen Libraries, youth centres, jobs, all cut or reduced. Not because of evidence that people weren’t working, but that this was the easiest money to save.

then there’s the 1000’s of people still suffering food poverty and needing foodbanks.

Increased student loans, and removal of EMA and any student grants for those from low income backgrounds.

the removal of specialised work for people with disabilities

not legislating against the global market to save the  British steel Industry

Biblically Christians are called to pray for their government, as if its to support them, encourage them. I think instead this government need our forgiveness and pity.  The hurt that they have caused, the social inequality gap that has widened. Favours and opportunities seems only for the richer.

I wonder whether all we can do now is pity them, and forgive them.  Which would be all the more easier if there wasnt another divisive policy, or scandal that highlights their sense of privilege around the corner.

Oh, and i know, its not as if they asked for it, or repented. But forgiveness might be only way of dealing with the mess. No point being angry anymore.



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