Welcome encouragement along the edge

This year I missed the FYT,  Streetspace gathering, I didn’t even follow it that much on twitter, though if you want to see what I thought of the previous two that I went to and loved, I’ve written about them on this blog (2015 and 2013).

They’re great because they ask for participation, for collaboration, and for shared learning across the whole weekend. They itch at the places where the local scratches and draw from the expertise in the room. They’re not afraid to take risks in the real world with young people, so that taking risks at a conference is relatively easy.

But I missed it this year. Family commitments I couldn’t get out of.

It would have been good to report to the group all the progress being made in the north east with getting projects off the ground, the work in Middlesbrough, the conversations elsewhere, and where signs of hope are desired to be cast, things are happening and its a bubbling of excitement. It would have been good to share some of this, but I know that the guys there would have done so.

Today, on a Monday morning after a challenging weekend, with essays due,  I got the above gift through the post, arriving at work.

Four badges and a small note.

Greetings from the gathering.

Another world is possible.

Encouragement along the journey.

For me the people of the FYT team, their infectious love for young people, passion for the world to be a better place and for young people and communities to have radical authentic discipleship encounters with Christ make them a huge inspiration. Hear their stories of hope, visit the FYT website, be part of this movement.

Yet at the same time they offer continued kindness and encouragement to the fellow travellers along the edge. No point being radical without being authentic, loving others outside without loving the others in the movement.

So, a genuine heartfelt thank you from me to you all at FYT.

This meant alot.

Another world is possible, and for those of you involved, lets make this happen in the North East…




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