Asset based communities & the gospel – according to My Little Pony.

Its a story involving One Messianic Figure

A group of disciples all with carefully selected gifts and abilities as identified by the messianic figure

A group of disciples who are joined in a gift of friendship

A series of many adventures

A Series of opportunities to work together to use those gifts and abilities to overcome darkness 

Sometimes the Messianic figure interupts the action when needed

Sometimes he leaves them all on their own to work it out using their friendship to overcome. 

Its the 12 disciples and Jesus isnt it ? , nope – but it could be

Its Lord of the Rings its always Lord of the Rings ? – nope- but it also could be

Its My Little Pony

or at least according to wikipedia, it is the 4th Generation series of my little ponies.

The Story of recognising gifts, of using friendship to use them to a common goal, of overcoming collective fear by collective unity behind the one common goal. All the ponies have gifts, and at different times they all use them in the pursuit of saving them all, and others in the adventures they face.

Thats what My Little pony is all about. (thanks to Laurence Keith for the insight – its not something i am well versed in since 1984 (version 1 and my younger sister collecting them))

Its asset based community in action. Its discipleship in the ongoing drama of kingdom where good overcomes darkness through goodness.

The story of redemption of community spirit, that acts to change the world- told out through the stories of cartoon ponies.

Yet it could be the Lord of the Rings, the story of overcoming the trials though using up to now unused abilities, character and skills, being pushed to explore, to adventure and overcome in the friendship between those who need to use them.

My Little pony, 4th Generation, a lesson in Asset based communities. A modern day metaphor of the discipleship journey, told day by day to children in cartoons.  The gospel according to My Little pony if you will.

If children are being asked to look for the good in others through their stories, how might this be encouraged of young people, of adults and in communities.  Its clearly a way of thinking capable in children, and can be encouraged as such, it is not pie in the sky thinking, its the real world of goodness and gifts being given and harnessed to overcome with the guidance of the Saviour.


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