OK youthwork is OK

Its OK if your youth club doesn’t have many young people – treasure the young people you have

Its OK if you don’t have the resources other churches or groups have – make the best of the resources you have

Its OK if your young people don’t like the things you want them to like – find out what they like and why they like it

Its OK if your young people try and challenge the boundaries – maybe the boundaries need re thinking or negotiating

Its OK to not have all the answers to young peoples questions- because its more than OK that they have the space to ask them.

Its OK that young people might not like the way you practice your faith- the cultural things we might treasure, they might like the faith but want to practice it in different ways.

Its OK that young people voice frustrations and have doubts about life, and faith- even more OK if we stay with them, listen and affirm the questions , doubts and complexity.

There’s times after busy youth work sessions, manic detached sessions, boisterous groups, that knowing that is OK is good to know. To practice contentment that young people enjoy the space you provide, the time that you give, the encouragement you offer, they are the most important people in the space and they are not like any other young people, group in the past or future. Its more than OK to learn from them, be challenged by them, to appreciate them.

Reflection might draw us to always desire the better, different, new, but it might also breed dissatisfaction, or a desire for the blueprint youth group that doesnt exist. They wont be the perfect youth group whist we’re the leaders of them will they?

Sometimes youth work is OK, and at times its worth being reminded of this. Youthworker reading this, you are amazing and your group is and that is OK. .



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