We need a church that is both compassionately practical, challenges systems prophetically & suggests alternatives.

That was the phrase I used on Twitter in a converation with a local member of the clergy.

I might want to add also that in accordance with Ricouer : ‘Thus above and beyond emotions, dispositions, belief and non belief is the proposition of a world that the bibical language is called a new world, a new covenant, the kingdom of God, a new birth’ (Ricoeur 1995; 44) thus, the Text of the Word of God projects a world in which we are to inhabit – this is the inspiration for the alternatives, the projected future world, of Shalom, of the spiritual fruit where there is no low, of humility, mercy and desiring justice.

What about you – what kind of Church does the world need ?  and is this a different question to what kind of church do I like and want people to like?

Your thoughts..