In the beginning was the empty stage

In the beginning was the empty stage, and the Director was waiting to act

The Director spoke and as he spoke, the light became radiant

and the earth was filled with life, with colour, with vibrancy

The directors own vibrancy radiated in the creativity

And as the Director spoke again, Man became

The Empty stage was full and perfect.

But the Man still had to be faithful,

for something else spoke on the earth

Distracted the Man from the Vibrancy

Gave him the possibility of power, beyond the power already bestowed by the director.

Faithfulness to the creator or the curiosity of the distractor – even in the perfect world.

So the Drama started. The Drama of ongoing faithfulness. The stage of many scenes.

Abraham responded to the call – but was still tasked with being faithful and had issues with the distractor

As did Moses, Elijah and all the others practising faithfulness, responding to the actions of God as a he spoke. Responding to the revealing of God as he spoke. Trying to ignore the distractor.

The distractor tried to stop the main communicative event of the Creator. His great revealing, his live personal performance.

The distractions were allowed on the stage, and yet these were rebuffed.

Until the final act of the third scene, when the distractor won, for a day or two.

Yet the greater play wasnt over, scenes had yet to be played, there was drama in the tomb. The exit from the stage became the grand re-entrance.

Cue confusion amongst the faithful.  Cue Bewilderment. Cue Doubt

A new call to the faithful, go beyond the stage you know. Include others in the performance. Keep playing the drama.

Go without the personal divine communicator, greatness is possible if the faithful stay faithful. Form faithful communities that act the story in new places.

The Distractor will still distract.

The Spirit and what’s been done before together will be the cue. As will the empty stage of the world.

The world in which the Director still directs. The Drama in which the divine communicator still speaks into, and the faithful hear his call.

The Drama is still unfolding.  The empty world is full of beauty and the divine, do not be afraid of the distractor. He has not overcome the world. He does not direct the drama. He does not reveal himself as he speaks.

Cue the new performances today, the faithfulness of the everyday response to the call and the cues. The bringing of others into a realisation of their inclusion in the performance. Enacting the previous story in the new, enacting the future scenes in the present.

The World is the stage, the actors are in place as is the scenery and props. The call remains to act faithfully, practically and prophetically.





If you’re interested in thinking further about this concept of drama, may I recommend the following:

‘Finding your place in the Biblical Drama’ by Bartholomew & Goheen (2006)

‘The Drama of Doctrine’ by Kevin Vanhoozer (2005)

‘Faith Speaking & Understanding, Kevin Vanhoozer, (2014)

‘Theo-drama I – the Prolegama, Hans Urs von Balthasar (1988)


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