Why not team leadership in community organisations?

I’m just taking a break from writing my current essay on youthwork management, watching the France v Albania game, but with the following thought..
‘Can team leadership work in youth work or youth ministry?’ Does it exist anywhere?

Ha ha ha you might say. And I would retort in a similar fashion, in the current economic climate only a few expressions of organistions can afford one manager, let alone for it to be a team in name definition and role. Some places might have one person who says they’re a team but it’s still a one person takes the overall flack and has that role.
But even in small organisations the tendency is still to favour one person to be in overall control /leader than many as a team.
Pickard argues that a social trinity theologically underpins collaborative ministries.
Community plays a huge role in the construct of youth work practice.
As does conversations, negotiation and understanding power and oppression.

But in neither youth ministry or youth work are many examples of genuinelu collaborative team management. Yfc for example favour a centre director role for even small local centres, placing a large amount of responsibility on one person and for them to develop or have a range of skills. The same arrangement with different titles occurs in most similar organisations.

So the question remains, if within theologically understood and community focussed community organisations, management is required has the human nature for hierarchies trumped values or beliefs about community in the way that management and leadership is structured, enacted and defined. Has it ever been tried in community organisations, tried and been allowed to be persevered with, to the point where it has been deemed a success. Collaborative team management in community youth work & ministry , examples or thoughts anyone?


Author: James

Currently I work part time for both Frontier Youth Trust (www.fyt.org.uk) and Communities Together Durham (www.communitiestogetherdurham.org) and am also self employed and do various aspects of youthwork consultancy, including training, writing, lecturing, seminars and written pieces, including organisational consultancy, community profiling and detached/youthwork training. Please do get in touch if I can be of help to you in your church, project or organisation to develop your youth and community work. I have contributed to 'Here be Dragons (2013), and two recent articles in the youth and theology journal and 'ANVIL' the CMS online journal. My recent employment includes, working for FYT as a youthwork development adviser, being the centre director at Durham YFC, and before this I was known as 'Mr Sidewalk' as I was the project coordinator for the Sidewalk Project in Perth, where I facilitated the delivery of 5 years of detached youthwork on the streets, schools and communities to engage with young people , and support through alcohol misuse issues. In 2017 I completed an MA in Theology & Ministry at St John's College, Durham, and in 2008 graduated from ICC (now NTC Glasgow) with an honours degree in youth work with Applied theology.

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