Euro 2016 England V Slovakia Commentary Buzzword Bingo

No Gimmicks! – Just a free game for you to play during tonights England Match on ITV, to help relieve the unbearable tension (or is that just me)

Predict how many ‘Clives’ you might hear Glenn Hoddle say…  or ‘For me’s’  (and yes itll get annoying after a while…)

Anyway – print it off, play along in your homes, churches and gatherings, and then please make a donation to Durham YFC here: Durham YFC

Before we settled down to watch todays match we were out on the streets of Gilesgate chatting to young people, hearing their challenges in life and providing support, we also delivered an after school craft club in a community centre on the housing estate, which over the last 5 years has given young people a space to go on monday evenings, to chat, socialise and have conversation with supportive youthworkers. This week our mentoring project is starting to build an allotment in a school with a small group of young people. Please do donate, your money really will help and make a difference to young people in County Durham. Thank you. To do all this properly we need finances to pay for staff who can train volunteers locally, so please donate, thank you. If everyone donated the amount they also spent on alcohol during the game, or the tournament to DYFC then it will be possible to make a bigger impact with more young people in the local area. Thank you. Enjoy the game!



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