So there’s just over one day to go before voting starts, and like remembering that the passport needs updating in July, its a bit last minute to work out all the arguments, views and opinions to decide upon which way you’re going to vote.

Fortunately as a Christian you can turn to the Bible for your guidance, especially those pages just after the contents section, the where to find help when pages , yes the go to place for lifes little emergency to find a passage thats just right for you in your predicament. Now isnt the time to dwell on taking these verses out of their context or work out who wrote them, no you need help, and need it fast.

Fortunately in the newly updated relevant for 2016,  TTNIV – the third NIV, theres a section to help on todays very pressing issue, how are you going to vote. And like everything there is no right answer, but armed with enough bible verses you might be able to decide by 8am Thursday.

So, if you’re thinking of Voting Leave; try these:

Leviticus 6:9, 10:3

Numbers 33:55

Deutoronomy 31:26

Joshua 18:5

John 15:4-10

However, if you’re in the Remain side, and arent too sure then  you might find help reflecting on these verses:

Genesis 31:13

Exodus 3:21, 10:24, 14:12

Numbers 32:15

John 6:67 – A strong argument against leaving. its in red ink…

Rev 22:2

After giving these some thought i’m sure you’ll be able to make the right decision in the Eu referendum.