England vs Iceland Commentary DYFC Charity Bingo Card

Fed up with the political chat? ( well dont relax itll go on a while yet) 

Want a fun game so you can cope with another evening of tension and a result possibly no one will be happy about? 

Then play along to England Vs Iceland Buzzword Bingo! 

Print it for free, play along on your portable screen, make a game of it with your mates, use it as a drinking game – actually use it as you wish (though drink responsibly please)

But please do give to Durham YFC who have created this game for you, itll help to finance their long term work with young people in some of the challenging areas of the north east, please do so:

Donate to DYFC Here Please !

Enjoy the game, enjoy playing along and please do help us donate – even if England do get knocked out, please help a North east charity to continue its work, thank you.


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