There’s times in youthwork management when it’s just satisfying to write a report or make a spreadsheet or write a funding bid. 

Often this youthwork thing is a bit etherial, having conversations , supporting people, thinking and reflecting, it can be hard emotional work with a times being hard to quantify, good stuff, quality moments but it’s really hard to show anything for it. 

Maybe it’s a bit geeky to say it. But there’s times when making a spreadsheet, and a graph, or like this week even the adrenaline and purposeness of filling in funding bids. Yes it’s not an exact science, but actually writing them, being proud of selling the great work that’s involved in youthwork,  the chase of trying to convince someone who has money that what you do is worth contributing to. 

I’d bet that I’m not the only youthwork manager that has a secret guilty pleasure about some of the administration , just because it has an outcome that’s tangible and a lovely pretty graph to go with it. 

Spreadsheets and funding bids. Ill put them off when theres people stuff to do, networking and strategising, but sometimes even the most creative of us gets a bit excited about some numbers or some writing that we can put our name to and say, in this week I did that! 

The rest of the time youthwork management like youthwork itself is an unpredictable art. ..