12 Unlikely Christian Conferences

With only 52 weekends in a year, and not to mention the lengthier midweek ones, theres plenty of opportunities for the Christian conference season to be not unlike the global tennis season, pretty all encompassing and only having one week off. And while theres the usual ‘middle of the road family conference like keswick or spring harvest’ and the new pioneering conferences are becoming more common. youth work conferences have shrunk in recent years, though generally most tastes are catered for though there are some gaps.   But are there gaps in the market for conferences?  Do we need to ask the Holy one for a few extra weekends in the year for extra space to fit them in?  what about these? And what would they be like…

  1.  The Christian administrators and PA’s conference. This one opportunities to reflect on christian organising, administration and diarising.
  2. The welcoming committee conference, yes an entire conference where people take turns welcoming people through doors and giving people a5 sheets of paper.
  3. The house group leaders conference – where 1500 reluctant hosts spend time sharing a large room, taking with them their baby monitors ( young parents are always hosts), receiving tray bakes from others and hoping these people might just disappear so they can catch up on sleep.
  4. Christian toddler group leaders conference. Exploring ways of a) keeping the mums beyond when the kids are 5, and b) developing strategies for conversation during the time the vicar turns up for ‘spiritual chat time’
  5. The street pastors conference, this probably already exists, it’s set outside and involves people walking around in 3’s. But don’t spend any time barefoot in the mornings or you’ll be install offered flip flops.
  6. The reflective christian conference. For those that don’t want to be pumped full of guitar music for a weekend. But their clothes might all smell of incense by the end of the weekend.
  7. The contextual learning from delegates conference. Experts from outside the context not required. Big churches not telling small churches what to do. Just spaces for ongoing learning between disciples.
  8. The christian conference for those who go to them just for networking. It’s one big coffee hall. Bliss for the conversationalists.
  9. The christian bell ringers conference. Oh the noise. This one needs council regulations on noise pollution before it can proceed. Or is set on a Scottish island somewhere remote.
  10. The christian quilters conference. Banner making through the ages, now turned guerrilla with yarn bombing. Arise every morning to the click  click of needles.
  11. The christian bloggers conference. Where 1 thing happens on Friday evening. And everyone spends two days writing about it.
  12. The Youth work Managers conference. Probably the most needed, but at the moment – there isnt one..

My ignorance might mean that some of these already exist, I’m sure they do. But if they don’t. ..

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