Admit it. Most of the conferences faith based youth work managers go to its just for networking. Unless it’s presented by academics.

So, anyone up for a conference just for the youth work managers in faith based organisations?

What format and teaching would you as managers like it to be? Open discussion? Sharing and open dialogue discussion? Topics on specific concerns – such as policy debate, managing people, managing churches, faith in management come to mind- but what would make for a good conference for the faith based youthwork managers?  Are there experts that could be brought in?

or learn from each other ?

what about a kind of retreat space , just to breathe, and recharge – especially often coping with the day to day spinning of excessively large amounts of plate spinning.

Who might be up for it? Is there a need for this kind of conference- just for the managers?

If not , no problem, just thought id ask around…

Comment here or contact me via email and if there’s interest we’ll get a first gathering organised. Obviously the more interest and the more experience in organising something the better.  But even a day at a church somewhere central might be a good first meeting. Just to get a ball rolling. Let me know.