When the government does these things we will know it cares about young people. 

So according to today’s reports £80 MILLION pounds has been announced by the government to go towards youth projects. Whether this is reallocation of new funds or existing  , or new directives for lottery funding is to be awaited. Yet two days after or one day before an announcement on grammar schools the announcement is particularly ‘timely’. Yet £80 MILLION is a drop in the ocean. If the government was serious about young people it would do the following.
1. Lower the voting age to 16

2. Increase the age of criminal responsibility.

3. Provide free music or art or drama for every young person

4. Reinstate an open youth club for every parliamentary ward that has 500 young people under 16.

5. Overhaul and invest in the care system especially education provision for the over 14’s. Including one to one high quality tuition

6. Youth homelessness. It’s a reality it needs to be resourced and understood.

7. Scrap sats tests for all ages, and league tables for schools. Education shouldn’t be a competition with young people as result pawns, or result porn.

8. Understand the root causes of young people’s mental health issues and have the guts to deal with this.

9. Not rely on charitable giving for provision of youth work  it should be statutory. It’s a matter of priority.

10. Reinstate Educational Maintenance Allowance’s, housing benefit for over 18’s , scrap tuition fees, and the call to increase the hours in the school day.

But yeah.. £80 million. Seems like a token gesture now doesn’t it..  Even doing all of this might only scratch some of the surface.

Even doing all of this might only scratch some of the surface.


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