Working out the resources the church now needs in a Post truth era

So, the OECD announced that ‘Post-Truth’ was the word for 2016. It was referring to the apparent narrated shift of the political narrative, which apparently was all truthful before 2016, and since the EU referendum vote and the not to be mentioned but American presidential vote which merely confirmed the existence of such a phase. From Post truth politics, to living in a post truth era. We all know that post-truth might just mean lying till you’re purple in the face in order than someone gets on your bandwagon and you become the dominant voice in the narrative, and normalises it. EVEN IF ITS FACTUALLY WRONG. however, ill leap swiftly off the high horse because it is friday, and consider what resources the church might need to think about in this post truth era.

For one thing resources have to be changed, and new books have to be written.

And, im going to jump the gun and help out a few people by suggesting a few book titles to fill next years Christian book shelves – especially the ones in the ‘trying to make ministry relevant’ section. Heres a few, ill bet there are more:

  1. Youth Ministry in a Post-Truth Era. (just get the obvious one in first)
  2. From Post Christendom, post secularism and post relativism, how does the church emerge in a Post-truth society?
  3. 10 ways to be a successful pastor in a Post -truth Society
  4. When the world is lying to you, how to hold firm to the Biblical truths of Jesus
  5. Developing Cultures of truth and mission in a Post – truth Era
  6. (for 10 years time) Understanding teenagers faith growing up in a post-truth era
  7.  Post truth and social media – Helping your church stay truthful online
  8. ‘ Telling lies makes Jesus cry’, and other messages to tell your children in a Post truth era.
  9. ‘Im a truthful christian – get me out of this Post truth era’, and other examples of how to not to react right now.
  10.  Talking to teenagers about ______ (pick any topic) in a Post truth era.
  11. When the world thinks that you’re lying too, how do you do evangelism in a Post truth era?.
  12. Theology, Culture, Post-Truth and a Trinitarian perspective on the Lukan reading of the Prodigal son.
  13. Searching for truth in a Post truth Society.
  14. Faith: The Truth is out there.
  15. If there is only Faith, hope and love – does truth even matter at all?
  16. How to keep your church relevant in a Post truth society.
  17. Reaching a Post-truth world
  18. Staying Biblically accurate in a world that just isnt

Obviously all the other books that only referred to Generation X, Millenials, Post Christendom, relativism, post modernism, are completely irrelevant now.  New words have been invented and the church, to stay relevant, has to keep up with the times… Or does it?

and if you were stuck for a title for a resource and you’ve now found one, you’re welcome.



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