Could the church have a designated Youth & Childrens work week?

For those of you reading this outside of a church context, some of the larger churches have whats known as special weeks; so theres a special week of prayer for Christian Unity and theres Christian Aid week. And for 7 days and the build up for each there are opportunities to take part in activities and raise the profile of these two causes, as well as make select donations and fundraise.

In the same way, to make it a priority

Should the church have  designated week for young people and children?

Of course there could be the claim that children and youth shouldn’t be separated or segregated in such a way (like what happens on Sundays anyway) – and already there are specially designated weeks for youth work in the statutory world of working with young people, but i wonder if the church should introduce this and make it a key ongoing part of their calendar in the same way the other causes above are. (Or alternatively more that just its youthworkers participate in the national youthwork week, and the whole church congregation be involved)

Of course there are obvious benefits of doing this for youth and childrens ministry – such as profile and fundraising (hopefully) and also the sense that the Ministry become even more of a key priority in the church not just for a few years but also as a vocation long term. By being an annual event it maintains validity in the calendar and an ongoing reminder of not only young people in the church but also young people that the church doesn’t have contact with, and the issues, challenges they may face, as well as the benefits and gifts they could bring to the church.

Yes it could become stale and tokenistic – but if the church is keen to focus on youth & childrens work – it at least might regularly sharpen the mind…

So ‘Christian youth & Childrens work week’ for 2017 in the church lectionary & in the church calendar… who is in?



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