Encouraged by generosity. 

As Samwise said to Frodo, there is some good in the world. And it is worth fighting for. In the midst of what has ended up being a doubly challenging week, finding encouragement has been difficult and yet despite circumstances being difficult there has been good, been generosity. 

Today I experienced the kindness of friends and the kindness of strangers. It was highly appreciated that one of my colleagues brought in chocolate croissants for our staff meeting this morning today. It wasnt unusual, we contribute and share food often, but it is still appreciated. We also share time,ideas and give to each other and contribute. 

The food may not have been spectacular or from an unexpected source but it was still generous, still appreciated.  

Then later today, I went to visit my wife, Lynn, who is currently in Hospital having been rushed in yesterday. The panic is over but they’re still doing tests on possible bladder problems. 

On the side of her bed was a yellow boiled sweet. 

She told me of the lady opposite her in the ward who was struggling with health and possibly likely to be a regular drug user. Easy to judge, easy to feel pity, easy to dehumanise. 

Overnight Lynn was struggling health wise, feeling nausea. 

At the same time the lady opposite was being moved to a different ward, in the process of being moved the lady came over and gave Lynn the sweet saying; ‘ here, you might appreciate this, it make you feel better’. It was only a boiled sweet, but was an act of generosity, unexpected and from a stranger. 

If I look hard enough even in the midst of really difficult situations there is generosity. All the enquiries to us about Lynns health are testament to this. Generosity can take a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the setting and situation. Today on day three of what is turning out to be a challenging time of lent, being encouraged by generosity. The kindness of friends and generosity of strangers. 

There is good worth fighting for. 


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