The Youthwork Northern Powerhouse

Are you fed up of the youthwork world regarding Birmingham as ‘the North’?

Do you find yourself taking 1/2 a day to get to London (and not on Southern rail)?

Ever find yourself thinking – yeah that resource might work great in a oxfordshire suburb- but with real young people on tyneside – are you mad? Image result for the north

Then what you have got is a real sense of Southernitis. Its an allergic reaction to whats going on south of Birmingham and mostly in London, that doesnt appear in the north. Or more to the point- yet.

In London, theres Head quarters galore!  Think tanks by the dozen! Conferences, and resources and ministries and the list goes on.. and in the North East? – well we have pacer trains and about 5% of all the paid youthworkers in the whole country.

moan moan moan… yes, and actually some of this might also apply to the south west (also a bit distant from London) and Scotland (outside the Central belt) .

So, Whats the solution?

Probably a large vat of coffee, a meeting room and a space to chat through options with a whole host of northern based faith based youthworkers, get it off our chests and start gathering ideas, and harnessing the possibilities!

What about the following criteria to be included?

  1. You might be further north than 1 hour drive from Birmingham
  2. You deliver, or manage, or coordinate christian faith based youthwork of some description, either in a local church, for an organisation.
  3. You are interested in developing a conversation about some kind of northern based ‘think tank’ or ‘association’ or ‘gathering’  for the whole sector that equips, resources, pioneers approaches for the context.

Image result for the northIf you’re interested, and already a few people are, then cure your Southernitis, and start talking to each other and gather some momentum to get something going. If you’re interested, then please reply below and we’ll see where it happens. The last thing to do would be set up an event and no one be interested. Far too much of that going on… We need to start shaping the conversations, making and directing programmes, processes and approaches in the North within our context, doing what might be effective, relevant and appropriate to the needs and interests of young people, organisations and churches here in the north.

Anyone else up for a coffee to start this ball rolling?



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