Why the Billy Graham Rule was just a fake news distraction

Theres been a bit of controversy around this week, someone has discovered such a thing as the ‘Billy Graham Rule’. What the rule said was that a married man was not allowed to be in a private or public space with a female on their own that wasnt their wife. Now, its a bit of fake news really and distracted the conversation away from a series of other rules that have also dogged evangelical Christianity, which have gone under the radar somewhat. Image result for billy graham

For instance, have you heard of the ‘Rob Bell rule’ – what this means that whenever his name is mentioned there is a 5 second space in the conversation for a mournful look to be given, the ‘oh he used to be my evangelical hero’ type of glance.

There is also the ‘Tim Keller rule’ in which a white male is allowed to become defensive over their power being threatened, even feeling persecuted.

Theres the ‘Kevin Vanhoozer rule’ in which someone is allowed to suggest an idea in 1000 words, when probably 7 was all that was needed.

The Creflo Dollar rule‘ is where no one is allowed to only have one swimming pool in their mansion garden, at least three is minimum.

Theres the ‘Wayne Grudem rule’ – where only the men are allowed to drive their cars into the theological cul de sacs.

Then theres the ‘Mark Driscoll’ rule- its when you have to keep elastic on your shoes so that you are able to keep bouncing back to positions of church leadership.

In the UK, theres the Martin Saunders rule, Where not only every film, but book, building, mode of transport and plate of food has Jesus in it.

So, whilst the Billy Graham rule, has got all the headlines, its been merely a distraction to other rules that powerful evangelical church leaders and theologians all have that have been kept quiet this week about. When twitter would have gone ape had people realised. Go on, change the calendar.

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