If this is what Christian women hear – what about the female young people & children?

If you havent been following social media in the last few days, theres been an eyewatering thread going around, one not linked to the General election, you can follow it using the hashtag #thingsonlychristianwomenhear: a selection of the top ones are below.

It is worth taking time to reflect on what was said, whats implied about relationships, about women, about power and faith through what are 12 sentences.

2 thoughts on “If this is what Christian women hear – what about the female young people & children?

  1. I remember picking up my kids at Sunday school and finding the lesson was about Priscilla and Aquila, an early Christian married couple who together taught the gospel to future church leader Apollos. The picture on the front of the lesson showed Aquila teaching Apollos, while Priscilla, demurely and silently, arranged flowers on the table. And this in a church that prided itself on teaching “what the Bible actually says.”

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  2. If these are things Christian women are hearing, it causes me to reflect on whether this is the same for young women in churches, teenage girls or even young girls in sunday schools. What messages are they hearing about their future, their expectations.
    Since the Biblical role for women is that of a wife and mother, as soon as they’re old enough to keep an eye on the younger children, they’re expected to help babysit the nursery youth and as they get older they can help someone else teach the youngest children. That way they practice nurturing children and their role of being a helper. One of my churches had a big womens’ ministry event, a mother/daughter Bible study on Seamless which seemed to unduly focus on the narrative of marriage within Scripture. So at that time women, young women, and teenage girls and young girls would all get the same messages their mothers do. I don’t think I was ever encouraged to have a dream to do or be anything other than be a wife and mom. But as I was the only single individual in my church, I found it hard to really find somewhere to belong. Some months ago, I ran into the matriarch of my old church. She grilled me: “Are you married yet?” “Your brother, is he married?” “Oh, you have a sister? I didn’t know you had a sister. Is she married?” “*None* of you are married?” (She had a bemused look on her face, if I had to guess what she was thinking it would be something like:”Didn’t we teach this girl that marriage is the *only* reason why God put us on this green earth?”) She didn’t ask how I was doing; she cared more about marriage than me. I sometimes think that so much gets made out of marriage that individuals lose themselves. My church’s ideal was for couples to marry young and get so busy raising children that they hardly had any time to think at all. When you don’t do that, when you don’t obey their plan, when you don’t live their ideal, you confound and confuse them and they don’t know what to do with you.

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