A leaked first draft of the Archbishops letter

You may have seen that the Bishops of Canterbury released a statement over the weekend in regard to the upcoming general election, a copy of it is here: https://www.churchofengland.org/media/3977056/electionletter_text.pdf

A response has been released by a number of people who agree with the essence of the original letter, but the use of the wording that includes words like ‘Stable’ refers too directly to the political slogans of the current government and is at best unadvisable. Al Barrets excellent letter is here: https://thisestate.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/dear-archbishops-response-ge2017.html?showComment=1494182747865#c7945166281891278643 in response.

What is less known is that the original letter from the Bishops underwent a few early redrafts, the final one was a long distance from the first, and under the much heralded vault in church house, a copy of the first draft has been found, dusted off a bit, here it is…Related image

‘To The Parishes and Chaplaincies of the Church of England The General Election, June 8th 2017 Embargoed until 00:01, Saturday May 6th 2017. 

May is dawning and what season this Spring time is!  We your strong and stable Bishops have found peace and tranquility in the latest addition to Church house, our new little conservatory just around the back. Its a place of quiet reflection where we ponder the latest issues of the world in prayer and thanks giving. We say its a new conservatory but its been here nearly seven years now and we dont know what we would do without it. We had some bother with the roof last year when some youths chucked some bricks at the roof, and since the bricks hit, the conservatory hasnt been quite as secure and stable. 

But despite this setback, at this time of turmoil in the nation, our conservatory really has been a God-send, from looking outside into our garden we can see that our trees are getting stronger and stronger . Recently from B&Q we bought a new table for ants, its helps attact them and its great to watch them, its built out of oak, it really is a strong ants table, and its sits at the pride of place near to our trees. 

It is only recently that we have noticed that our trees have been going weak, but now in the month of May, we desire that our trees a bit more strong and stable. 

May we take this opportunity to encourage all of you to participate in the upcoming process of the General Election, and participate in the process of democracy that one of the core values of this country, a county where strong and stable trees a what we need to keep our breaths and provide oxygen and life in this barren and parched land. 

Soon we will be launching a new 8/6 initiative with the hashtag #maketreesastrong, on the 8th June we want you to buy the t-shirts and pray for all the trees a so that they can be strong and stable. For no trees at this time should be weak or insecure. 

In addition we are concerned about the fragmentation of the many churches across the land, there are so many denominations now that we now require spreadsheets to keep track; it may dawn on us soon that this is a coalition of chaos and its destroying the nation. We’re so worried about this that we’ve decided that a new 8/6 mission initiative #prayfortreesa is about destroying the chaos, killing them off, and forming one united Church, to gather under one strong and stable roof, with a building we are taking back control of and one where we can negotiate our faith amongst all the other faiths. 

So please join us on the 8th June, across the land, #prayfortreesa, and #maketreesastrong.  May you bring unity and control to our faith, bring strength and stability to this nation, may strength be our sTory and song. 

In good Faith, 


The Archbishops

#prayfortreesa  #maketreesastrong

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