Young People Targeted

For many of us in Youth work we are used to young people being targetted. Young people might feel it too, they can be

Targeted to help get Jobs

Targeted to reach for a faith

Targeted to help stay in school

Targeted by government policies

Targeted by health initiatives

Targeted by the media and discriminated unjustifiably.

Targeted to rescue from poverty

Targeted on binge -drinking projects

Targeted and scapegoated for society’s broader ills.


Today they became the target of another agenda.

That of Terrorism. Of Murder, destruction and divisiveness. 

Young people targeted. In the heat of the fire. 

Never did we think young people would be targeted in this way. To be the pawns in someone elses game. 

To become the world media attention, to become the story. 


Innocence lost.


A spear of hatred penetrated into a evening of life and fun. Dance became drama.

Drama became horror. Horror became Panic.

Manchester might be the story, but it wasnt the target, that was young people.

There are few words of condolence, of understand that seem right at this time.

Our nation is in grief. Families are in grief, young adults are in confusion, shock and are injured, or are no more.

Manchester. For young people, in one evening it has become the city of broken dreams.

Bruised reeds can be made strong. Communities, faith and hope can restore.

Lord, have mercy, have hope, heal our land.


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