Reasons from youthworkers why young people should vote in #GE2017

Hey Young People, 18-25’s – Thank you for Registering to Vote!  By all indications more of you have registered than ever before, despite the current government not issuing a single encouragement for you to do so via their social media outlets. Thank you for taking the time to register. Tomorrow, you may then be voting for the first time.

Your Vote has never been more important. For the simple reason that no one expects you to vote in huge numbers, so all the predictions have got such a big margin of error. They just dont know how young people like yourself will vote. So that means you can make a big difference.

In different areas of the country there are different priorities, whether its jobs in Wales, IndyREF, the NHS or Brexit, so it would be foolish and irresponsible of me to try and influence you, i hope you have done some research and are voting for the party whom thinks most about your future, as well as even the future of those who might be just starting nursery school in september, ie the next generation below you. What kind of world, planet, economy, prosperity, society and community that is one that you, your peers and others will be growing up in.

I asked a few youthworkers to give me a one tweet length reason for voting tomorrow, they said:

“To quote one of the young people in my group (age 14) “I hate it when old people decide our future for us.” Agree? Then VOTE! Your future, your decision.”


“because being able to vote in five years time will be too late.”


“the voice of young people is worth hearing, your opinion counts but only if you make it count.”

Ok so you have probably heard similar things before. There are only so many different ways to say the same thing. Your opinion does matter, and by voting you express it. Do not think that your single vote is insignificant. Because by thinking this, large numbers of people who could vote dont, and become the largest group in the UK, the eligible but non voters. They dont even turn up to spoil a paper. Dont be like them. Participate.

It might be raining tomorrow on election day, so you will have to make more of an effort, so make it count.

Of course you need to know where to vote, and this will be on your polling card, there are other ways to find out where this is also. Itll be open from 7am till 10pm, so theres lots of time. But i wouldnt leave it till after 930 as the polling stations can get busy.

Just to prepare you, you will not see the leaders on the ballot paper but the names of all the candidates running to be MP locally, they represent the party you want to vote for. It sounds confusing, but vote the party who you want to govern. Apologies if you know this already.  Then write a clear X in one box, the one next to the party you want to vote for. and. thats. it. ONE little X. No emoji, no long essay, just a X.

Image result for polling station

of course afterwards take a polling station selfie, do it in fancy dress, take a pet, or go in a group. However you do it Just Vote.





If you’re a youthworker and want to add more reasons below, then please do so, only advice for voting please, any spam will be deleted… thank you

One thought on “Reasons from youthworkers why young people should vote in #GE2017

  1. Perhaps worth adding: you don’t need to take your polling card with you to vote, so don’t worry if you’ve lost it. Just turn up at your polling station, tell the person there your name and address, and that’s all you need. If you’re not sure where your polling station is, go to this website, type in your postcode, and it will give you a map and directions:


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