My 500th post

Starting this blog 5 years ago, I had no idea that it would be possible to write 500 pieces on the subject of youthwork, church, mission and young people. In fact thats actually what I said to someone. I had no idea. Some of you will probably think that i still say the same things over and over again, and what started out as an attempt to reflect on detached youthwork and put this on the map, especially within the actions of local churches, has developed somewhat.

In marking the fact that this post is my 500th written, I want to thank you for everyone who has given me inspiration during the last five years, for all other practitioners, youth workers, clergy, friends and colleagues. Most of my ideas come from conversations and inspiration from you and developing questions. I thank also all who read, contribute, share and pass on the articles, i know some have been more useful than others, some raise more questions that answers than others, and i am glad to spark conversations where this has been a possibility. So thank you for reading, sharing and recommending me to others. And I wonder what the next 5 years might bring.

Have a virtual piece of Cake on me, and thank you once again.

Cheers! to all youth workers, fighters for young peoples rights, believers in young peoples ideas and challengers of the barriers that hold them back. For the young people whose faith remains uncharted and whose gifts remain unused.

Much may have changed in the profession, but that fight still remains.

Thank you




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