Hey Youth worker; be reminded, you’re doing a good thing!

You are. The way you gave that child some space today, to tell you their story.

The way that you didnt interrupt. They noticed

That was a good thing you did, when you let them answer a question.

And you said nothing to affect their response.

That was a good thing

It was a good thing when you were brave and asked them about something challenging

You did good today, youth worker.

And so did you, volunteer.

For not always getting the credit, when you did the same. It is a good thing you do.

Helping a young person do a craft activity. Taking them on a trip. Playing a game.

and listening to them in between. or sitting in silence as they make something.

just being there is a good thing.

Tonight, you did a good thing when you gave a young person responsibility and their did their best.

when they made a decision

or made a mistake that involved taking a risk. It is ok. It is a good thing to do.

It might not yield any ‘result’ – but what you do, crazy underpaid youth worker, is still good.

Good for that young person. good in the long term for their family. good for the community.

From one youth worker, to another, From one volunteer to another – thank you for doing a good thing for and with young people.

They might still not notice, Often the institutions might not either – too much pressure on results, on growth on numbers on boxes, things not quite good enough, you cant work miracles….

very little on doing ‘good’ because it is good.

If you gave space for a young person today, met them and respected them, listened, shared and encouraged, empathised, created with or took a risk – then you did good. When they smiled, you did good.

Tough time with the young people tonight? They shouted, raged, stormed or swore… you did good when you stayed calm, you calmed them down. You treated them like a person, even in the swearing. No one said doing good was easy. Its a tough world for the young people too.

There can be times when we just need to know that we attempted and tried to give what we can to do a good thing as a youth worker/volunteer.

Is it a good thing – to support young people confused in their sexual identity – of course

or their career options – of course

or finding the next meal – of course

or finding friends in your group because they’re bullied at school- of course..

or helping them find a place in the world – of course..

or helping them change the world – for goodness- of course..

So, youth worker- you did good, are doing good. You don’t need me to tell you.


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