Guest post welcome here!

I have been inspired, no reminded, and provoked recently that there is a need within the practice of youth work and ministry that it benefits from a range of contributions to the ongoing conversation. It can be that those who hold power within organisations, or specialities or publishing might miss or choose to avoid some of the difficult questions, or hear stories, or see things through a lens of resourcing, growth or conformity, that the question or story isnt heard. I am also acutely aware of my own particular privileges, perspectives and ideas, and make a point of promoting them.

New Voices in November

Of course, this neednt happen just in November, but at the moment, this website and blog gets around 500-1000 hits and views per week. It is a platform for ideas, conversation, and contributions within the field of church, youth work and mission, and it is a platform, that for the next month I am going to hand over for a month of guest stories, blogs, articles, theological thoughts, inspiration, poems?. anything that you might want to share with others to help, inspire, challenge, provoke or give.

The field of youthwork, ministry, mission and church may need to hear your story, your question, your experience, and this might be a space in which you can share it. And contribute to conversations, from your place of practice, from your place of understanding, from the barriers you might be facing.

If you have a story, a question or thought that requires anonymity then great, please use it. If thats because you work within structures that need to be challenged, or you work with young people whose plight is to be hidden, then anonymity can be granted, Ill just print your words have no reference to you, your location or personal details. If you want to write about hidden matters, difficult subjects, or unanswered questions, then please use the space, to ask, provoke and tell a story.

If you are a young person and are in positive or negative experiences within youth work / ministry – then hearing your story, your questions and contribution would be amazing, as would the volunteer youthworker who has been in a church 50 years, your longevity might be wisdom to everyone else. Or you’re a parent, a spouse, volunteer leader, manager, funder of someone in youth ministry – then please do take this opportunity.

Do not be put off if you think no one will want to hear it, they will, if it is too painful or difficult, if you want to share a positive story, or one that doesnt have a positive ending yet, then dont worry, this could be just a space to share, process and contribute. If you have scars from ministry that need sharing, or stories of harm, that you are willing to share and do so anonymously, others may benefit, but its more important that you also look after yourself and get support.

So, If you have a burning question, story or reflection to share, and of course you can share it yourself via any platform, but this is an opportunity to contribute in a space that is read by other youth workers, church leaders and practitioners across the world.

If you want to write a piece, then please do so, anything between 500-1000 words or more, and send it to my contact details above, or use the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your story, and contributing your voice, perspective and questions to the ongoing conversations on the future practice of youth work and ministry in the UK.

Thank you, many people or just one might be inspired by you, please do share and make a contribution.

To email me privately do so via :


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