Where are the Church based Youthworkers in the UK? (your chance to contribute)

Have you ever wondered where all the church based youthworkers are in the UK?

Are they all in one area? one diocese? one county? how are they spread..?

To find out, this is going to need your help!

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Theres been a number of conversations doing the rounds in the last few weeks, about the current state of play in regard to UK youth ministry. There has been a conversation on pay and salaries which I prompted after looking through various current and past job descriptions, a conversation that has been taken on by Ali and ‘The resource’ in this video in which he also discusses the other issues regarding the terms and conditions of youthworkers in the UK, if the link doesnt work it can be viewed and commented on on ‘The Resource’ Facebook page.

So there is a discussion about pay.

The other discussion linked to pay, is to do with location.

Fundamentally there is no database that exists that shows where all the UK ‘church based’ youthworkers are, which it is why theres generally a surprise to find out where people are from when they all arrive at an annual conference. Location is also important in regard to how pay and salaries are in proportion to housing costs in a particular area, and who can afford to be a youthworker in a setting.

Location is also important, as a view of youth ministry from one part of the UK, usually from an office block in the south of England, is slightly out of kilter with a view of youth ministry from other parts of the UK. A map would also show the population to church worker ratio, and how this compares across the regions. Of course it will be just a snapshot of where things are in 2018, and my post recently also looked at where there are likely to be vacancies in roles even at the moment, and this brought up something of a north south split too.

So working together in the youth ministry conversation, lets see if this works…we need everyones help – to find out

Where are the Church based youthworkers in the UK?

Below is a link to a google map, what I would like you to do is merely put a pin in the location where either you, (or you know of someone who hasnt yet marked themselves) is one of the following

  1. Employed by a single church
  2. Have ‘youth‘ in their job title (so it includes youth and children, music and youth, youth and community etc etc)
  3. Are employed to work Part or Full time (according to their contract)

Thats all, apologies for anyone missed out, so volunteers, gap years, youthworkers in organisations like YFC or FYT, youthworkers in the non faith based field. I hear you, and we know theres more to UK youth ministry that those working in churches, but at the moment, just to get the ball rolling, it would be good to get a snapshot of those employed in and by churches to specifically be in a role that includes working with young people and this is in the job title.

All you are able to do on the map is to put a pin in a location, and obviously some locations will have more than one pin where there are 2 or more staff paid to do this, or more than one youthworker in a specific town or village.

It would be as great to map out salaries, lengths of contract, those with/without qualifications (and what those qualifictions) – those who are new in roles, but we’re not able to do this at the moment, so at this stage, itd be good to do a mapping exercise on just location just to get a broad sweep of where the UK church based youthworkers are in the country.

The link is here

UK Church employed youthworkers

Please do plot yourself or others if you havent done so already

Which you can share with others, and so please do share this post that includes the link to this map.

When you open it, just go to the pin symbol and click the location, , one extra place will be added to the list on the left, then click save on the pin. And close the map.

You dont have to include the name of the church or any other details, i know some people have already. I dont want to be foul of any GDPR, and no one is looking for this kind of information. Just locations of FT or PT youthwork employed people.

If the map is busy, and im not sure how it will work if theres more than one person adding pins, then do be patient, this is a free site on google maps, so best not crash it… (thank you)

please do save and close the screen when you’re done so others can upload their pins, thank you

Please exit the map once you have put in the pins, so others can do theirs. Especially looking for DYOs to put in as many of the employed people as possible that they know, saving the leg work for each youthworker….

The results page (for pins up to Friday 29th June is live) but if you want to add your pins you still can. With more results after this phase.

So please do get zooming into locations and inserting where the UK church employed youthworkers are. And will post the results after then. It might reveal what is already known, but there may be some surprises.

So at least then we all know where everyone is, and maybe as importantly how many of you are out there!

Where are the UK based youthworkers? with your help, we might find out…

if you are employed by a group of churches, or by one church covering many churches, an affiliation, charity, or parachurch org to work in a church setting the link to the map for you is here:

(This map is closing on 12thJuly)

Thank you for visiting this free blog and website, please do have a look around, click the categories and tags for articles on a range of subjects on youthwork and mission, youth ministry and theology. If you would like to contact me to do some training or consultancy for your church, organisation or volunteers, please do use the menus above. Thank you again.

Thank you to all who have put their pins on the map, the results and data will be shared soon.

In the meantime, do add anyone who works as a youthworker to the parachurch/multi church (deanery) map.

I apologise for the adverts below this line:

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