Where is Voluntary Youth Ministry happening in the UK? Volunteers plot yourselves here:

Where is voluntary youth ministry happening in the UK?

Is there youth ministry happening in the whole of the UK?

Although I started by creating a map for where the employed youth workers are in the UK. I dont say this lightly, but the true heroes of youth ministry in the UK are all of the people who voluntarily give up time of an evening, sunday evening, weekend away to spend time to help support, educate young people and to give them positive social, physical and spiritual experiences. Doing so without a paid youth worker in sight. And going by the results in the previous map, doing so in some cases without a paid youthworker within 50 miles.

Image result for volunteers

This is your chance, volunteers to put yourself on the map. To let everyone know how significant you are, and how complete the UK is for where youth activities are being delivered for young people by church based volunteers.

So, here is the criteria

Plot your location in the below map if:

  • It is where young people aged 11-18 gather voluntarily and do not pay a subscription (though they may pay a nominal entry fee) , so an after school drop in, a Sunday evening Youth fellowship, youth/community meal, a messy church (where young people volunteer), Sunday morning study group, detached youthwork, mentoring, or something equivalent to these. Only add one pin for the location of the church, not one pin per different activity!


  • OR; It is where young people aged 11-18 gather and contribute as leaders to a group for children younger than them (where you help support them to do this, this is positive young people engagement!, ie they are leaders in the messy church, or sunday school )
  • AND, There is not a paid/employed FT or PT youthworker within the church setting to help with this. There may be paid clergy or curate or other minister, but not a specialist in youthwork/ministry as a designated role. Neither is there a voluntary gap year type person. There may be a youthwork specialist who is offering their time for free (ie they are paid elsewhere) This is a map for the purely volunteers that have developed groups and activities and continue to do so without a directly paid professional influence.
  • AND it is a faith setting, so a church, church run club or group (that may occur in a neutral setting like a church/community hall)

And it is not a uniformed group, so do not include scouts, brigades, guides or cadets. Nothing that requires a subscription basis. As data of these clubs and groups is likely to be collated by the organisations like UK scouting. This is all valuable and much significant work, but it is not for this map. This is for voluntary open clubs and groups or spaces where volunteers connect with young people without an employed youthwork influence or guidance.

So, faith based Youth work volunteers – put yourself on this map at this link (though you might want to read the instructions first):

Volunteers Map

  1. Just plot 1 pin per church/faith organisation responsible (not one pin per activity ie church and church hall!)
  2. Zoom into the area where you want to add a pin.
  3. Click on the pin button (‘add marker’) and drag it to the location. If you want to write the location in the dialogue box, you can, but you dont have to.
  4. Then save
  5. Then exit the map, and click out of the map page on your browser.

Please do not stay in the map, it will prevent others from adding theirs. Do not add layers to the map, it shouldnt be necessary to do this.

Remember add one pin if your church works with young people aged 11-18, where they attend, participate, lead an activity and where there is no professional youth worker involvement. One pin per church. But do not add a pin if your church currently pays for a FT/PT youthworker or gap year person.

So, Volunteers – Please put yourself on the map!

Please do share this around the networks, dioceses, affiliations, lets see where voluntary youth ministry happens in the UK! Where the church is involved in working with young people. Clergy, you might want to add churches on behalf of your volunteers.

The Map will stay open for one month, until the end of July.

Any problems with the map, do let me know – my email address in the above menus.

Thank you.

Lets put voluntary church youth ministry well and truly on the map! Volunteers please do put yourself on the map. Where is youth ministry happening in the UK?

Thank you for visiting this blog which is maintained for free, please do have a look around, click the categories and tags for articles on a range of subjects on youthwork and mission, youth ministry and theology. If you would like to contact me to do some training or consultancy for your church, organisation or volunteers, please do use the menus above.

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