Feed the world? maybe; But do kids know there’s youth clubs here at Christmas?

Significantly its 34 years since the original ‘Feed the world’ song graced our TVs and radios and brought about a heightened awareness of the tragedies in Africa, of starvation and hunger. Today, there are tragedies still all over the world. Do give to charities such as Tear Fund, Christian Aid, Oxfam and all the major world charities who do good.
But there is also the poverty at home.
The UN report was damning recently on the state of poverty in the UK. The challenge of just living, coping, finding a way to deal with debt, housing, pressures and expectations.
And in addition the reduced funding for every support group that might have helped has been nothing short of criminal. Including the decimation of youth clubs for young people, all the mental health provision, housing benefit, EMA’s and University grants.
As i have said before, even with the cuts, youthwork hasnt died, its just that everyone else is doing it without the relationship and philosophical background. So it its time to raise that awareness.
As teacher said to me recently. Kids growing up dont know about youth clubs. As i said, also, Young people in the austerity generation dont quite know whats hit them. But what many dont have this year, or for a few years is even the notion of the youth club in the town or village. Thats not to say there arent these things, and run by volunteers and faith groups – but these are often less publicised or open to all.
Maybe at this Christmas time, or Brexit time, it is time to sing that song again, its probably already being piped through the speakers in the shops,, but in 2018 it needs some new words..
It’s Brexit time,
there’s no clubs for going to
Last Christmastime,
we let in neo liberalism and we banish love
And in our world of plenty
theres foodbanks and banished hope
Throw your fists up in despair
at Brexit-time
But say an outcome objective,
pray for the closed youth clubs
At Christmastime it’s hard,
even to be having fun (not even a hollow game of ping pong this year)
For there’s a world outside your youth club,
and it’s a world of dread and fear
Where the only people going
are the detached team, full of cheers
And the Christmas smells that ring there
are the dope and fags and beers
Well tonight thank God it’s them
instead of you
And there won’t be knowledge of youthwork this Christmastime
The closest that theyll get is N C S (Oooh)
Where funding ever slows
No young people ever go (according to all the reports about the ‘success’ of NCS)
Do kids know there’s youth work here at all?
Here’s to you raise a glass for Jeffs and Smith
Here’s to them underneath that burning embers of youthwork courses
Do kids know theres youthwork here at all?
Build the youth clubs
fund the youth clubs
love the world
Let kids know theres youthwork here again
Build the youth clubs
Let kids know that adults care again.

Maybe that is the cause needed to be sung about. That there is a charity single/download for the reality of austerity in the UK amongst young people. But then again, charity isnt really providing much in the way of funding for open youth work anyway. Feed the world – thats what is needed and its a tragedy this Christmas.

Apologies for ruining the song for you, but i figured its been done to death already.

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