15 point election manifesto for ‘The Youthwork Party’

Yeah, Its a stretch of the imagination, to some degree, but imagine if there was a ‘Youthwork Party’ and it was running for the election in a few weeks time.

Could you imagine what would be the 15 points in the Manifesto? Image result for youthwork

Well… take out your magic ball, your shiny lamp and imagine with me, the 10 point plan from the youthwork party:

  1. Caretakers will automatically ensure that senior youthworkers and designated staff have keys to buildings
  2. There will be an end to any mention that youthwork isnt a proper job
  3. Representations of young people in the media will be fair and dignified, not sensationalist
  4. There will be a collective ban on the universal generational terms like Millenial, Generation Z
  5. Youthworkers will inform policies that involve young people – like county lines, modern slavery, child protection, even education. 
  6. Every youth and community will be eligible for 2 hours external non managerial supervision per term
  7. There will be a scrappage scheme on Minibuses – trade in an old bus or minibus thats done over 200,000 miles (and got the chewinggum marks to prove it) and get a new one free. 
  8. DIY shops will be forced to sell not only Aluminium and wooden ladders, but also Harts ladder. 
  9. Clocks will be adjusted to youthworker time, this means that a youthworker will never be late for a meeting or session, due to poor preparation or being distracted in a conversation with a young person, time will shift to accommodate this, everyone else is deemed early or impatient.  
  10. There will be free coffee/Tea/ hot chocolate in every cafe for 
    1. Two youth workers in conversation or
    2. One youth worker with any number of young people in a conversation
  11. Youth workers will be eligible for a sabbatical (1 term off to study) for every 10 years in a role
  12. A statue of Paulo Freire will be erected in Westminster Palace gardens. 
  13. As well as long running series about health (casualty, Holby) the BBC will begin a long running series called ‘Youthie’ and follows the fictional characters who run a youthclub. 
  14. From now on a youthworker will not be the cheap or soft option compared to a police officer or social worker or teacher. 
  15. The Values ‘equality, respect for persons, voluntary participation, empowerment, informal education’ will be written into the new UK constitution. 

Would you vote for this?   click a like below if you do! 🙂

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